Dickory Dock

I have a CD! Rick Currie Dickory Dock is a 37 minute set recorded at Toronto’s Absolute Comedy in July 2019.

It’s available at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music and other sites or you can order a copy or download it right here, right now!

I have to thank my niece Emily Rose for this amazing cover art:

Dave Martin did an excellent job recording it. At the end of track 13 you can clearly hear an audience member say “Am I the only one who gets that?”

And this CD would not exist without Shannon Laverty telling me “Just friggin do it”.

To be honest, this sat on my hard drive for a few months because I’m not crazy about the start of the set. Too much laughing at my own jokes and some unnecessary F-bombs. I was set up to re-record in June, but with the pandemic, that’s off and who knows when I’ll get the chance again?

Emily made such an amazing cover I can’t NOT put out a CD, so I’ve retrieved this recording, blown the dust off it and here it is! I do settle down after the first 5 or 10 mins and things come together from there on at least. How about that for the most underwhelming sales job you’ve ever heard?

So here’s a coupon code to thank you for reading this far: start_at_track_4. It’s not just a coupon code, it’s good advice, but I think there is some good stuff amongst it all. I hope you enjoy it .

Coach Currie

I had some fun at Tavis Maplesden’s “Bad News 2” political comedy show. The idea was to do something from the news, so I delivered Ontario’s new conservative sex ed curriculum. NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Also, this is satire, please don’t get offended.